Browns & Chocolates

Warm Beige Browns 6.12N – 7.12N – 9.12N – 10.12N – very natural and trendy browns with beige reflections. Suitable for achieving stunning natural hair shades, for applying both over roots and for toning.

Ash Browns 6.91 – 7.91 – base shades for applying over gray hair to ensure its complete coverage. Suitable for all hair coloring techniques, especially for creation of gradients and contrast highlights, providing natural root color.

Violet Browns 5.97 – 6.97 – 7.97cool purple brown shades. Intended for trendy hair coloring, delivering outstanding toning benefits and eliminating reddish and copper undertones. Add soft lilac reflections and provide natural earth shades.

Warm Browns 8.93 – 9.93 – 10.93brown neutral shades with golden hint. Deliver high coverage power. For direct hair coloring and creation of striking contrasts. Perfect for all types of natural toning and for getting on-trend results.

Warm Chocolates 4.90N – 5.90N – 6.90N – 7.90N – 8.90N – 9.90Nwarm chocolate shades with natural hues that provide golden shimmer. With great coverage power. Perfect for both, direct application over roots and achieving warm tones as desired.

Cool Beige Chocolates 4.90 – 5.90 – 7.90 – 8.90 – 10.90intense cool chocolate shades with great coverage. Ideal for contrast creation techniques and trend coloring. Effectively neutralize orange and yellow undertones providing a cool-tone brown shade.

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