Iridescent Blues 7.28 – 8.28 – 9.28 – 10.28irisee shades with high concentration of purple and blue pigments. Provide toning counteraction to rebalance your hair color (with anti-yellow-orange-red action). Create natural chestnut shades over dark hair bases, giving neutral tones with soft violent reflection providing very fashionable and trendy hair colors. Perfectly counteract orange and yellow undertones offering maximum toning power.

Iridescents (Collection Tones) 7.21 – 8.21 – 9.21 – 10.21 – 11.21 beige shades with iridescent hints that eliminate yellow and orange reflections (with anti yellow-orange action). If directly applied over roots, provide the color neutralization that allows you to get rid of any yellowness and brassiness. Acting as toners, ideal for any kind of color correction and color balancing.

Peach P-16 – stylish peach iridescent shade (with soft violet & blue reflections) for trendy coloring. Perfect to add soft touches of peach color to your hair by applying over roots on a level 8. Depending on the hair bases, improves your hair shade giving neutral-warm hues and eliminates yellow undertones (with anti-yellow action).

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