Natural Coppers 6.34N – 7.34N – 7.43N natural copper shades with golden reflections. Perfect for getting true neutral easy-to-use hair tones (they are not very orange).

Natural Light Coppers 7.44N – 8.44N – 8.04natural light intense copper shades with fabulous radiance, counteracting undesired orange undertones. For trendy hair coloring. Natural Light Copper 8.04 – a golden blonde natural copper shade for achieving a natural-looking subtle shade of red hair color. Ideal for color bayalage, shine baths, etc.

Intense Coppers 7.43 – 8.43 – 9.43 – exciting hair color trend with very intense and vibrant shades. With reddish reflection ensuring longevity of copper tones on your hair.

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Hair Dye Nr.7.43N, without PPD. Golden Copper shade, of a natural-looking copper tone with golden reflection. For a very neutral hair color that is easy to wear. Indicated to obtain a permanent, durable and intense...
Hair Dye Nr.7.44N, without PPD. Intense Copper shade. A natural intense light copper hair color with incredible luminosity, counteracting orange undertones. reflection. For a trendy hair coloring. Indicated to obtain...
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