Hair Lighteners & Super-Lighteners​

Hair Lighteners 901 – 902 – hair lighteners of natural light ash blonde tones. While not being super-lighteners, are perfect for achieving light blonde shades with desired results. With high lifting power for lightening and neutralizing of unwanted undertones. Provide perfect toning of light hair colors.

Superaclarantes 12.0 Pearl – 12.00 – 13.2
12.0 – gives a shiny pearl blonde tone. Used for performing shine baths and hair color corrections. Should be added to the color mix to achieve cool-toned hair look with cool reflections.
12.00 – for neutral toning without any pigment. To be used as a base white color to lighten up other colors and obtain pastel tones. On dark hair results in a golden shade, similar to 12.3. Allows to create different shades and lighten any color up by 2 tones.

Cool Super-Lighteners 12.1 – 12.11 – 12.6 – 12.7 – 12.8 – super-lighteners with different non-golden blonde hues. With great lightening and neutralization power (with anti-yellow action). Contributing more pigment on hair level 12.

Super-Lighteners 12.1N – 13.1N – 13.6 – 13.7 – 13.8 – Silver – super-lighteners in silver (steel) tones. With maxim lightening effects and lower pigment content for achieving very light blonde shades. Neutralize unwanted undertones after hair coloring.

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