Fepean 2000

The ultimate generation trichology (hair loss) treatments by abril et nature with advanced technologies to solve the three most common hair problems: hair loss, dandruff and greasy hair.

Thanks to its blend of active ingredients obtained naturally, they deliver effective results being visible from the first application.

All treatments are vegan, based on biological ingredients, being capable of interacting with physiological processes that determine the health of the scalp.

Greasy hair treatment helps eliminate excessive oil production, regulate it and balance sebum levels. Purifies the scalp and improves its overall health.

Dandruff is a core symptom of seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea – a common inflammation of the skin that causes redness and irritation. Anti-Dandruff hair treatment addresses the root cause controlling dandruff production and combating the appearance of dandruff until it is eliminated.

Prevention hair treatment helps strengthen your hair from the root up, stimulate the blood flow and improve the general condition of the scalp, curing the problems of hair loss and enhancing hair growth.

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Prevention +Plus by abril et nature is a professional anti hair loss treatment to solve the problem of hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies of hair follicles and due to androgenic causes. Prevention treatment...
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